What's up?! I love that you clicked in here to get to know me! I am Leah Pobanz, owner and photographer of Wild Plum Photo. I am an extrovert and I love to be around people! Colors make me happy. I will buy random stuff because of its color even if I don't need it. I LOVE to travel. Seeing new things and experiencing new adventures with my friends and family truly make me giddy. I love my family, food, nature, mountain air, ocean waves, music and concerts, summer nights, and laughing until my belly hurts (or I can't breathe.)  These little things in life make me who I am and I'm grateful for them!

My passion for photography has been engraved in me since the first day I owned a camera. (Which has been a long time!) Through the end of middle school, high school and college years, I would fill my roll of film almost every single week!! When I received my first DSLR 11 years ago, it changed my life. My love of capturing special moments of my family and others continued to grow tremendously! It wasn't until 2014, I realized that tweens, teens and High School Seniors were my ABSOLUTE favorite time of life to photograph. I made a decision to make my dream happen as a professional photographer and focus my talents in this age group. I now specialize in High School Seniors, Teens and Tweens. Hands down, these are my FAVORITE humans to put in front of my lens. 

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I am Leah Pobanz, the owner and photographer of Wild Plum Photo

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1. Participate in 2 stylized group photoshoots. The group sessions are FREE!! Hair and Makeup Included!

2. Each WPS has to have a parent/guardian sign a consent form. (I am always excited to have parents involved in this experience!)

3. WPS MUST book her senior session with Wild Plum Photo.  
WPS will NOT be allowed to take senior portraits with ANY other photographer until June 2018 , and CANNOT model for any other photographer their senior year. 


Join the WP Seniors!

Each WPS (Wild Plum Senior) is expected to: 


Outgoing, social, energetic, happy girls who get along well with others

Comfortable in front of the camera and takes instruction well

Involved in the community, school activities and extra curricular activities.

Not afraid to tell people about your fun experience with Wild Plum Photo!

Very active social media accounts (mainly Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram)

Girls who want to be a part of a super fun experience their Senior Year of High School!!

what do I do now?

Apply Today! Fill out the application as thoroughly and honestly as possible! I want to know exactly who you are! Applications will not be taken after December 1, 2016.

Follow me on Instagram for updated information! @wildplumphoto

I will send an email to those who are accepted as Senior Models and we will schedule a time to get together for the parent meeting with the WPS girls AND parents to discuss the year, sign contracts, and book the senior sessions!